Design & Tech All Under One Roof

We are a multi-disciplinary duo creating websites, brands, photography and more

At Willhouse our goal is to elevate communities by providing individuals and organizations with great visuals and thoughtful solutions. Our goal is to help those we work with succeed and take great pride in helping their purpose grow. In addition, we value making the community we live in better and use our time and services to help local organizations thrive. 

Willhouse was started by a husband and wife team, as such we fundamentally understand that your business is not just a job, but also something that brings you great joy and personal value. We work hard to keep that focus and provide you with excellent client service, well-crafted brands & websites, vibrant photography, and a friendly team behind it all. 

We are ready to put creativity to work for you. 

Photo of Richard Shay – Partner at Willhouse


Rick’s enthusiasm for the arts and technology led him to graduate magna cum laude in Multimedia, including building vital project managements skills and intentional design services for over 10 years leading design and web at a magazine.

When forming Willhouse he saw the need for making smart design merge with purposeful tech solutions. This was important to him along with building strong, effective and kind client relationships. Richard values great music, coffee, being kind, and helping others. When he is not hard at work you can find him buzzing along on his bike or playing the drums.

Photo of Stacey Millett – Partner at Willhouse


Stacey’s twenty year career has been a rewarding journey in the arts and yet each year she feels just as energized and excited as her first year. Leading the charge with Willhouse’s visual projects, she works passionately with clients to create stylish & unique brands and crisp, engaging photography with an emphasis on telling the story of a business, product, and maker.

Stacey cares deeply about service and works weekly with non-profits. She embraces travel, the outdoors such as hiking and kayaking and spending time with her beloved dog to recharge her creative battery.



Our hard work and two decades working as creative professionals is something we value as a team. We continue to learn and evolve putting the effort to being our best. We gather inspiration from the lifestyle we have built which is full of wonder, travel, good food, good friends, the arts, music and being good human beings first. 


We value the relationships we build and are proud of the company we have made. We put the work in to do our best for you and always look to working with individuals and companies that value the role of collaboration and teamwork. We take pride in building trust and appreciate the numerous referrals we receive.


We value making our community better and do this by donating our time and expertise. Weekly we volunteer at a local non-profit that serves unhoused children with education services. We also donate a portion of web services to local non-profits. We make efforts to make a low-impact on the environment and keep our beloved VC community beautiful. 

Willhouse took a vague concept and translated it into a dynamic site. They made the process so easy, when I need updates, they are so quick to respond! I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Melissa Geer | Author & Accountant
Willhouse client for 4+ years