Design & Tech All Under One Roof

We are a multi-disciplinary duo creating websites, brands, photography and more.

Our business was a result of many years of pursuing our passions and forging a path of being creative, exercising our abilities, and finding the balance in life to seek our version of success. We are proud of what we have created at Willhouse and look forward to sharing Willhouse with you.

We have worked with countless small businesses, non-profits and start-ups in our community of Ventura County and across the globe. Working with Willhouse is getting the best of both worlds, a designer and developer, style and technology, two “better halves” to set your project or business up for success. 

We understand that your online shop is not just a site, it is many years of hard work. Furthermore, we understand your business is not just work but it is something that brings you great joy and purpose. We get it and feel the same way. Willhouse will work hard to keep that focus and provide you with excellent client service, well-crafted brands & websites, thoughtful photography and a friendly team behind it all. 


Growing up in a small community and a backyard with trees, gardens, chickens, and horses, – all helped nourish an appreciation for nature and living simply. Stacey also loved exploring the arts and at an early age, she either had a camera in her hand, a toolbox, or a paintbrush, and all of this creativity and exploration drove her to attend a private art college and earn her degree in Photojournalism.

Stacey utilizes her creative skills and leads all of Willhouse’s visual projects, working with clients to create fresh & stylish brands, and with over two decades as a photographer she is known to create excellent photography content. When Stacey is away from work you can find her volunteering or planning their next adventure. 

Work goal: Photograph and design a travel cookbook.
Life Motto: Be Kind. Be Brave. Know Your Worth. Live With Passion.


Rick began creating at an early age, his first introduction into the arts was a drum set in his garage, which led to learning the guitar, all the while playing in different bands since high school. Rick’s enthusiasm for creative collaboration and marketing led him to graduate magna cum laude in Multimedia, worked for a magazine for over 15 years, and now leads web development and print design, as well is Willhouse’s second photographer.

Rick requires a few things while working strong coffee and good music. These two ingredients fuel his day. When not creating you can find Rick on his bicycle climbing the hills of Ojai or buzzing along the PCH.

Work goal: Continue to work with authentic and meaningful projects.
Life Motto: Work smarter, not harder

What We Do

Branding Suites

Package Design

Business Naming

Lifestyle Photography


Web Development


Social Media

E-Mail Marketing

ADA Compliance



Website Security

Food Photography

Product Photography

Who We Work With

Our full-service company works with artists, makers, small businesses, and non-profits. Our approach is to gather as much information from our clients and work to create smart, thoughtful and beautiful art and because of this approach, we take on a limited amount of clients per year.

We like to think of ourselves as your creative side-kicks and what is important to us is to work with good people that are passionate about their work and looking to form a meaningful relationship with us.

Willhouse Loves Goodwill


We use our time, skills & resources to uplift women and children by supporting these local organizations

School on Wheels Safe House VC Foster Kids