Questions & Answers

Do I need live in Ventura to work with you?

Not at all, in this modern world we are capable of communicating with you via phone, skype or email. We work with numerous clients outside of California and even have clients in our neighbors to the north, Canada. We are hired often to photograph destination weddings and love to travel and meet new people.

How long does it take?

We operate on a queue system and work at a steady pace to complete all tasks in a swift manner. Our process requires a conversation (by phone, email or in person) we gather your ideas and create a plan, then send you a contract and request a deposit, you are then entered into our queue. A full project of web, brand, photography and marketing will require more time, then say a logo. We aim to work efficiently and timely.  If you have a specific deadline please inform us immediately. 

Can Willhouse _____?

Our specialty is in making your business shine online and offline. To support that, we specialize in the following: logos, branding/identity, print and packaging design, web design and development, marketing and business consultation, photography, social media management, workshops and audio. You name it and we have probably done it or would be up for the challenge.

What are our credentials?

We have over 15 years of experience in design, web, print and photography. We have worked with over 120 companies and you can read a few of the testimonials on our home page. The majority of our clients come from word of mouth.

Will we have a contract with you?

Yes, absolutely. After our initial conversation, you will be sent a proposal, detailing the terms & conditions of our collaboration together. You must read & agree to the contract before any work is carried out.

What does Willhouse mean?

Our business is more than just work. We often spend time welcoming clients into our home and sharing coffee, or enjoying a bottle of wine and talking about big ideas over a meal. We volunteer a certain amount of time each year to our local community and enjoy bringing people together for creative workshops. We think of our business as a gathering house.  We also believe in the power of determination and persistence, it is a willingness that has helped us create our happiness and our business. We combined two of those words together and thus, Willhouse.

Do you have any co-workers?

We are a company of two, but we are mighty and fierce. We are a perfect balance of tech savvy and design savvy. Our strengths are equally measured into a pretty awesome partnership. In addition, we devote a certain amount of time a year to live and work nomadically. Our work flow does not stop but we enjoy the freedom of fresh scenery and new life experiences and find it the best ingredient for our creativity. We do have a team mascot, Willow and you can meet her over here.

How much does it cost?

Our custom work is specific to your objectives and individual business. We are serious about transforming your business and the investment is intended to pay for itself.

Brand Shoppe starts at $500 •  Custom Logos start at $1800 • Basic 5 page website starts at $3500 • Photography starts at $400 per hour

Contact us to get your specific quote.

What is our mantra?

We believe in being kind, first and foremost. We also believe life needs balance and we try to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. We believe in community and give time and support to charities that are dear to us. We believe that sometimes less is more and try to buy less and use less. We use these practices in our business and as sappy as it sounds we want to make a positive impact and bring happiness to people and Willhouse allows us to do it all.

Willhouse Loves Goodwill


We use our time, skills & resources to uplift women and children by supporting these local organizations

School on Wheels Safe House VC Foster Kids