Many roads have brought you here.

Whether, you are branching out with a new idea and need the full service treatment
or your current brand or website does not align with today’s realities.

We are here to take a deep dive into helping understand your goals and your business.
Our goal? To put the wind in your sails and set you off for a journey of success.

Read on to find out more about the steps in our creative process and our core values.

1. Discovery

A chance for us to meet over the phone or a cup of tea. We want a deeper understanding of who you are and what you need. Your achievements, struggles and dreams. We then will create a plan and proposal for you to review.

2. Set Sail

You are In! We are In. Now, let’s do this. After the agreement and deposit have been made we gather any materials we might need from you. This can include a custom questionnaire created for you to fill out, or a phone call or in-person meeting. This produces our design brief for us to use and follow during the creative process.

3. Create

Our thoughts and expertise in motion. Plus, the feedback we receive at various points from you is critical and valued, and we use this information to equal successful results. In the end, our creative solutions will check all the boxes. Bold? Check. Interesting? Check. Consistent? Check.

4. Deploy

Time to toast and celebrate! Your new brand or website has been delivered. But let’s not stop there. It’s time to activate your brand. We can provide you with the tools and services to set you off for success. 

Our Core Values


We believe in growth as positive change in both business and personal life. We are constantly striving to read more, learn more, travel more and listen more. At Willhouse these practices have continued to help us stay active in our growth.


We aim to surprise and delight and wow. We put a lot of thought in what we do. From our brand design, communication and our process we have spent a great deal of time in thinking, practicing and developing what we do.


We believe strongly in giving back our resources, time and talent. As volunteers, mentors, photographers, designers and ambassadors – we put these roles into place each week for local non-profits. It is the heartbeat of how we live our life. 


We strive to make things not only look pretty but also illustrate strength, character and purpose. We feel that there should be layers and layers of substance that illustrate what makes an organization, person or business unique. 


Every voice has a great story to tell. We value a good, inviting story that tells about the person, place or business with a clear, distinctive voice. We want to help create your story and turn it into a powerful tool for your business. 


We are champions of teamwork. We are a small but mighty partnership that puts forth a chain reaction for great change. Our team can effectively work with your team. Or, if you are a one-person shop, we’ll be your team.