What are source files?

Source files are the tools that we use to create our designs with before exporting them as the final product in order to deliver to you. These tools can include fonts, templates, photographs, and other graphic elements that are often used in computer software to create your final product.

Who owns the source files?

According to U.S. copyright law, we own the source files. U.S. copyright law distinguishes work performed by an independent contractor and what’s known as a “work made for hire”. A work made for hire is work prepared by an employee within the scope of his or her employment and any work created by the employee is the property of the employer. An independent contractor is not an employee of the person commissioning the final product and any work created by the independent contractor belongs to independent contractor. Since you are hiring us as an independent contractor, we own the final product and sell you the rights to the final product.

Why are source files not included in the final product?

As is both standard in the industry and consistent with U.S. copyright law, you are paying for the final product – a photograph, a website, a magazine layout, a poster – not the tools to make it. A simple analogy is, if you hire a plumber to fix faulty piping in your home, you are paying for the final product: fixed plumbing. The price does not include the plumber giving you the tools, equipment and instructions to fix the plumbing yourself.

Can you purchase our source files for your product?

Absolutely! While our policy remains that we do not provide source files along with the final product, we are happy to sell you rights to our source files to your final product for an additional fee provided that any components of those source files cannot be used in unrelated products. As purchasing source files carry various factors, we do not have a set price, but we are happy to negotiate a reasonable fee should you be interested in purchasing rights to the source files in addition to your final product.