After an initial consultation we can subsequently design, develop and also host your website. This allows for easier maintenance and offering customized hosting plans that better fit your services’ needs.

Below is a list of our responsibilities as a web hosting reseller. We take these  seriously and have provided them for you. If you have any questions please get in touch.

  1. Reseller (aka, Willhouse Websites, or Willhouse) will conduct itself in a professional manner and will maintain a reputation for fair dealing and exemplary service among its customers or clients. Willhouse Websites will not make any statement, or take any action, that could reasonably be expected to reflect poorly on Company (or Client) or on the reputation of Company or its products and services.
  2. Willhouse Websites will cause its personnel who are responsible for our activities to remain well-informed concerning Company’s products and services. Among other things, Willhouse will cause such personnel to review Company’s web site occasionally to ensure that such personnel are reasonably familiar with Company’s product offerings, pricing, promotions and service terms and conditions.
  3. Willhouse Websites is solely responsible for the quality, performance and all other aspects of the Reseller Content and the goods or services provided through the Reseller Web site.
  4. Willhouse Websites assumes full responsibility for providing end users with any required disclosure or explanation of the various features of the Web site and any goods or services described therein, as well as any rules, terms or conditions of use.