Bell Paving and Earthworks

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Website Development

Bell’s vision is to be tough, functional and timeless. WordPress was the go-to platform for this web project. Placing our custom content and photography on this well-oiled theme brought the website to life in a timely manner. A thoughtful design allowed for various touch points to allow clients to reach out and request a quote from Bell making their website a reliable and utilized element to their business. In addition, to the website development our client requested being active on our Member Maintenance program


Bell Paving & Earthworks needed a fresh, modern, Americana brand that made the construction industry look sleek and cool. Plus, they wanted a bell as the icon. We came up with the words honor & trust, a custom bell designed with just the right amount of roughness and slight vintage nod to give it an Americana look. For the colors we wanted a rich charcoal black and a coppery brown to give it a luxurious, and elegant look.

Bell Paving Logo and Logo Marks


To compliment the brand we created detailed and bold images.
We desaturated black and white for our team to use in various marketing ads,
website images and social media. 

Willhouse Loves Goodwill


We use our time, skills & resources to uplift women and children by supporting these local organizations

School on Wheels Safe House VC Foster Kids